Stephanie Lowe Photography | what people are saying

Oh Stephanie, thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures. I love looking at them and keep finding more and more that are my favorites! You did a great job and I am so grateful to have such wonderful pictures of everyone. I am so amazed at how many we got with everyone looking! That is shocking for my family!


Thank you so much Stephanie! They are absolutely wonderful! I always get so excited seeing our pictures you take of our family. I am so grateful that I don't have to pick a couple images because they are all so wonderful! Together they capture "our" family, and I love that!


Ahhh!!! Just looked through the pics... YOU. ARE. AMAZING!!!!! What a precious gift you have!!!! I'm overwhelmed...


Omw. I'm in love with ALL of these.  Our house is just going to be PLASTERED with these.  Seriously, I keep going back and looking at them and smiling and tearing up...I can't thank you enough. I love them. You're amazing.


Oh, Stephanie. These are EXACTLY what I dreamed. Thank you. Thank you so very, very much.


Stephanie!!! You made my little stinker look like such an Angel!! tHANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


"Steph--you are AWESOME.  The pictures were perfect!"


"Thank You, Thank You so much for our family pictures.  They turned out so cute!!  I just love looking at them.  You made this a truly positive experience and want you to know that I am so appreciative! I am so excited!!  You did a wonderful job and glad to see you were able to get some good ones of the kids!"


"Thanks so much for capturing these special images of my family!  It means so much to me!  My kids will only be 2 & 4 once and I think that the pictures will capture that!  They both said they had lots of fun tonight!"


"We saw the sneak peek and the gallery, and we are overwhelmed with how wonderful the pictures turned out."


"They are so great!  I have probably looked at them 30 times already!  You are so nice and wonderful to work with, we had a such a good time!  Thank you so much!"


LOVE!!!  I am so excited to get these pictures! …Thank you so much for your talent!!! We have never had so many pictures look good!!!


Thank you soooo much!!  I was so afraid none of them would turn out! You really did such a great job! I finally have a nice family picture...miracles of miracles:)...I love the color that you used.  I LOVE these pictures!


Stephanie, as always, you capture the sweetness, love, and even impishness inside :) This is one of my favorite families in the world -- they are so precious and that sure shows through in these photos.♥


Beautiful! I loved how these turned out. So happy we asked you to do our pictures. You're awesome! :)


Stephanie, How can we begin to Thank You for taking such BEAUTIFUL wedding pictures for us?? They are amazing!!! You truly captured the spirit of the day. Our Heavenly Father has given you this special gift. What you do is make special moments last a lifetime.


Oh my word! Stephanie I LOVE all of them!!


Stephanie is SO amazingly talented!! We've done photo shoots before and they always seemed like so much work, but Stephanie made this easy and the pictures are amazing!